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SilverLine Commercial Windows
SilverLine's Series 1500 Aluminum Double Hung Windows are designed for commercial applications in which strength and durability are important factors. Solid aluminum construction withstands demanding structural conditions which other window materials may not. The high performance 1500 Series includes 3 frame types suited for almost all replacement and new construction applications. It's versatility allows the 1500 window line to be used for numerous building types ranging from two-story garden apartments to 20 story commercial high rise towers. They also have a long list of available options, making them perfect for almost any commercial project.
Features and Benefits:
  • Thermal Barrier, heavy duty aluminum extrusion for strength and thermal efficiency
  • Step jamb for reduced air infiltration
  • Sloped sill for superior water drainage
  • Telescopic sash construction for stronger, air-tight corners
  • Fully interlocking meeting rails help eliminate air infiltration
  • Tilt top and bottom sashes for easy cleaning from inside
  • Double Mylar fin-seal wool pile helps eliminate air, water and noise infiltration. Better retention of shape resulting in a longer lasting seal
  • Soft vinyl seal at sill provides a positive seal for enhanced resistance to water leakage
  • 7/8" insulated glass for added comfort and energy efficiency
  • Warm Edge Interceptâ„¢ spacer reduces condensation, stress cracks and seal failures
  • Available glazing options include LoE glass for the ultimate in year-round comfort and performance as well as tinted, tempered, obscure and wire glass
Available Custom Sizes and Colors:
  • Window Width 14" to 56"
  • Window Height 22" to 90"
  • White
  • Bronze
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Hartford Green